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Dear Dad

“‘To assess the damage is a dangerous act,’ writes Cherríe Moraga. To stop there is even more dangerous.”

- Gloria Anzaldúa, “Speaking In Tongues.”

Dear Dad


Call for Submissions
Dear Dad: Letters to Patriarchy

Submission Deadline: rolling deadline

If you’ve got something to say to patriarchy, the GriffinHarte Foundation has a forum for you. Because one of our goals is to provide a platform for individuals to publish short essays that might not fit other venues, we are seeking submissions to our “Dear Dad: Letters to Patriarchy” series. Submissions should be between 100-2,000 words and should be written in a style consistent with the letter format. To submit an essay or essays for consideration, send the following to

  1. The letter, which can address the harms, benefits, or both of an experience with patriarchy.
  2. A brief (two paragraph) biography of the author or authors.
  3. Contact information. Unless requested otherwise, all contact information beyond the author’s name will be kept confidential. The GriffinHarte Foundation also is willing to discuss the possibility of publishing essays anonymously.
  4. Any citations or work referenced that are important to understanding the ideas presented.