the GriffinHarte Foundation
Become a Member of the GriffinHarte Foundation Become (verb—see also living) 1. To involve oneself in agency, as in: to move, grow, change, take action, give voice to experiences. Member (noun--from community, see also “us”) 1. One who joins, collaborates, envisions, involves. 2. To get involved with curiosity, openness, and respect. 3. Popular usage: “They became members because they had something they wanted to say.”

Become a Member of the GriffinHarte Foundation

Join us in our commitment to establish a forum for civil conversations and research efforts that address questions of identity (who we are), feminism, civic engagement, educational practices and opportunities, civility and social, political and economic justice (fairness and equity).

Members of the GriffinHarte Foundation receive the following benefits:
Members can

  • Apply for a grant
  • Request a project
  • Participate in e-conversations
  • Submit essays for consideration for publication on our website
  • Submit ideas for essays to be considered for publication on our website
  • Apply for internship opportunities
  • Apply for blogging positions
  • Contact other GriffinHarte Foundation members
  • Join us on Facebook

How to Join

To become a member of the GriffinHarte Foundation, submit the following to Cindy at

  1. Name
  2. Contact Information
  3. Professional Title
  4. Brief Biography (500-1,000 words, to be posted on our member page)
  5. Reason for becoming a member
  6. Statement of Confidentiality (agree not to share other member’s contact information with non members)
  7. Request for Confidentiality (need to stay anonymous, or not have contact information posted on member’s site)