the GriffinHarte Foundation
Apply for a Grant Grants and Internships (nouns and verbs--see also “The Long and Winding Road”) Best defined through a limerick: There once were some scholars from *U, who, upon hire, were told what to do. “If you want to stay in the tower,” said those with the power, “you should write and enlight, but of course late at night, you must scour the web: show the strength of your head, nay, secure your own bed, climb ever higher to the top of the tower.”

GriffinHarte Foundation Grant Application

Amount available: small grants ranging from $100--$1,000
Application Deadline: December 31, 2017
Contact Person: Cindy Griffin

You may apply for a grant by either email or postal mail.

To apply for a grant by email attach the following, in a single document, to an email and send it to Cindy at

To apply for a grant by postal mail place the following, in a single document, in an envelope and mail it to: Cindy Griffin
444 East County Road 68
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

In a single document, please provide the following:

  1. Brief abstract of the project or your proposed research (500 words).
  2. Complete description of the project or research.
  3. Explanation of the need for the project or research.
  4. Description of the goals and/or outcomes of the project or research.
  5. Timeline of activities.
  6. Detailed proposed budget.
  7. Statement of approval from your Human Subjects Review committee, if relevant.
  8. Your complete resumé.
  9. Contact information for three references.
  10. Brief biography.
  11. Signed copies of the agreement to provide a “report of results” upon completion of the project or research.
  12. Signed copies of the “agreement to return all grant monies” should the project or research not be carried out as stated in the grant application and approved by the Foundation.